Reviews for "Did You Hear That?"

Really sweet

This has its own kind of artistic essence to it.
Although the sound clip got a bit redundant I thought it was cool to see how each of you guys interpreted it.
You did a really nice job on this men.

Noodle responds:

Doctor Pain, in da house!

The Best Collab Ever?

Quite possibly.

Anyone who yearns to see originality and watches this must, at the very least, recognize that it is something new and different.

The idea and execution were great, and the disparate entries joined to form an entertaining whole piece.

I liked the choices made for the random sounds. I have to admit that at first the "sticking out your tongue" kind of taunting sound was annoying, but by the end it had grown on me.

Noodle responds:

Best over!?!

Glad you enjoy all aspects of this. Animation and originality

Shame it got so many 0s

This was a great piece. I love the whole concept of it. :D granted, the aliens were a little overused, but otherwise great

Noodle responds:

I think all the space like noises resultedi aliens.
But I'm okay with that. Each part was still VERY different :)

really cool

had alot of fun watching this lol. great collab <3

Noodle responds:

Right back at ya <3


this is exactly the kind of flash i like best
random and quite interesting xD

funny idea, i wanna see a second part^^

Noodle responds:

This is 0% random. Each moment had exact precision to it.
Not really though