Reviews for "Did You Hear That?"

Great bit of fun :)

Really nice idea for a collab and I really like the author choices. All very creative people with cute and clean drawing styles.

Thanks for that, it was really enjoyable, particularly TheBoogleys and MyKindofFlash. But hey, they were all superb.

If only I could have joined in.

</sublte hint.>

hehe 10/10

Noodle responds:

The response to this movie has been so mixed.
I think it's beyond the thinking of many Newgrounders.

I'm not sure if I'm up for a sequel right now. The score wasn't as outstanding as expected


thats amazing, so much creativity and the concept was...well it was damn amazing

Noodle responds:

Glad you appreciate it from all aspects :)

Great idea

This was quite the creative collab having a certain group of sound effects and everyone each making their own flash short to those sound effects was really neat & creative,all the shorts had some great animation and i got a lot of laughs through it all too,everyone did a fantastic job making this great collab.

Noodle responds:

Time for a cocktail?


Lol this is freakin' awesome!
I have to agree with AlexAce with adding more sounds.
I would like to see more!

Noodle responds:

Copy and paste response ;)

Well, in order to add more sounds I would probably need more animators. And if I did that, some of them wouldn't get co-authored, and I hate doing that!

Or if I added them all myself, then it adds a lot to the length. 30 seconds is prety reasonable, once you get closer to a minute people might be scared off from working on it

Nicely done

Ya know the first time I watched this I didn't get....how do you say the "theme" of the collab, but now that get "Did You Hear That?" I gotta say that was great how ya'll worked your different version of the sounds.

Ya'll got some great imaginations....I think so anyways ^_^

Noodle responds:

I take that to heart. Thank you