Reviews for "Did You Hear That?"

Same Order?

its a great idea to see what pepolpe thinks when it hears a saound like the ones that repeated the laser sword or the eagle (flying) and the clasical rubber duck pretty interesting (have you thinked to make a game whit that?)

Noodle responds:

Not really sure how I would make it a game. But I am currently hosting the sequel :)

wow :o

dude that was tottaly awsome but what i did not get was why was i hearing the same sound over and over that got kinda annoying but it still was really cool i would give it a 10 but the annoyiny sounds kinda.... 9 is good

Noodle responds:

You were hearing the same sounds, because everyone was free to animate whatever they felt like to match the sound file they were given. Everyone was given the same sound clip in the same order to work with



Noodle responds:

You could mute it. But that would kinda defeat the purpose

It was pretty funny

but you need more sound affects, all of the sound affects were used over and over again and it got pretty annoying but good flash

Noodle responds:

I think you missed the point. Everyone animated the same set of sounds in the same order. So I couldn't have added more without having to add more to everyone's part.

Great idea for a collab!

the best ones were the first one and the fifth
but all of em were great.

Noodle responds:

Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it