Reviews for "Did You Hear That?"


I always have known that sound effects were flexible, but this is AMAZING. They had NO idea what the others would be like; I thought it was the most original idea I'd ever heard of. Easy 10/10. Well done, all collaborators!

Noodle responds:

It really is all about interpretation, perspective and imagination :)
Flexible in almost an understatement!!

Oh my

It was great and to the bottom poster; it IS supposed to be repetitive. I love the new creativity of different artists coming by and animating the sounds in their own imagination. It's very amusing. It did get a bit annoying but I still liked it. Great job to everyone that participated :]

Noodle responds:

I always love hearing from people who appreciate what we did here :)

of corse

of corse its the same sounds thats the point. hes trying to say that will al those sounds so many different things can happen

Noodle responds:

Thanks man :)
Glad to hear majority of people understand!

Good idea

Very interesting collab! It's really nice to see what each artist came up with.
However, the repetition of the same sounds effects do get a bit annoying after some time.

My suggestion is that you let the artists mix up the song order next time. It might be even more interesting.

Noodle responds:

For the sequel I didn't allow it. I'm not sure if I ever will. This is already over some peoples heads. I fear that nobody will understand what the collab is about if I allow that.

really nice

i love the idea i love how people interpreted the sounds differently i think people need to actuly read about what this is suppose to be before reviewing.i found this amazing because as a child i used to listen to music ant try to think of what it meant and made a story in my head.thanks this was a really good watch

Noodle responds:

I agree, but really it's their lose if they don't take the time to appreciate it properly.
Glad I could connect you with that childhood memory a bit :)