Reviews for "Did You Hear That?"

Hehehe well done guys

I liked the robber one it was the most entertaining :P That is some hard sound effects to make into a story...

Noodle responds:

I think my favorite part of the entire collab was the use of the "lalalalala" as the gold shining

Great bit of fun :)

Really nice idea for a collab and I really like the author choices. All very creative people with cute and clean drawing styles.

Thanks for that, it was really enjoyable, particularly TheBoogleys and MyKindofFlash. But hey, they were all superb.

If only I could have joined in.

</sublte hint.>

hehe 10/10

Noodle responds:

The response to this movie has been so mixed.
I think it's beyond the thinking of many Newgrounders.

I'm not sure if I'm up for a sequel right now. The score wasn't as outstanding as expected

Pure Genius

This is one of the best collaborative efforts to be seen on NewGrounds in a long time. As far as a sequel goes, if you don't, I'm sure it'll cause a riot or something.

Noodle responds:

Thank you so much. That's the kind of support I need

I'm glad there are people left on Newgrounds who have a higher level of thinking than just cock jokes

not bad

the sound files got really annoying fast. by the third one i was about to give it a 2. cool but annoying

Noodle responds:

I don't see how it's annoying.
You don't hear the same thing again for another 30 seconds


I haven't seen anything quite like this before. It was nice to see that some artists were able to make a coherent story out of the sounds. The stupid random shit that the other artists threw together was fun too.

Noodle responds:

Thanks man.
That's what it's all about!
Having fun!