Reviews for "Did You Hear That?"

I'm impressed...

This concept could have easily failed, but you all pulled it off very well. I love how random it became even though it was the same sounds. You could tell that each clip was purely interpretation by the artist. Wonderfully done!


The flash part was awesome,but I didn't like how all of the flashes had the same sounds.Not very professional.But I do admire the fact that you got all of these animators to help you out.Major props on that!!

Noodle responds:

I think it's more professional then you realize, once you learn that that was the entire point of the collab....


took me a while to get what was going on, but once I did I realized how awesome it is.

Noodle responds:

Just how awesome is it?


The one by MyKindofFlash was funny. XD
The cartooning extremes for all of them are awesome! lolz

Noodle responds:

Make sure to watch more by anybody who's parts you liked. There is some hard hitting talent lined up in this collab :)


I always have known that sound effects were flexible, but this is AMAZING. They had NO idea what the others would be like; I thought it was the most original idea I'd ever heard of. Easy 10/10. Well done, all collaborators!

Noodle responds:

It really is all about interpretation, perspective and imagination :)
Flexible in almost an understatement!!