Reviews for "Did You Hear That?"

awesome work

i almost never give a 10 but that deserves it, it was very good animated and the idea was great. Plus the sounds that are used were picked very well.keep it up

Sooo random....

OMG that was hiarious! Rutger's made me laugh the hardest, but MyKindOfFlash was my second favorite. The others were a little too similar though...

Oh so cool!

Not to mention very original and creative as well. I like the idea of this. Contribute a bunch of sounds and make an animation out of it. My favorite one had to be TheBoogley, and Mykindofflash. Both of them were really well animated and funny. I can't wait to see how part 2 came out! A job well done to everyone!


All hilarious bu MyKindOfFlash wins

That was um... nice

10 stars, but really... Rutger's one was like, TOTALLY RANDOM