Reviews for "Did You Hear That?"

Very creative

The idea seems quite unique. It's entertaining to see how different people interpret the same set of sounds. The animations were good, and all more or less match the sounds well.

Really good

It's really cool to see how each author came with completely different and actually pretty cool ideas!!Also,most of the animations are very good and REALLY match with the sounds!!You really need to make more!!!

Um....- - What?

Every scene had the SAME SOUNDS, but for very unique things, but sometimes at the wrong times(i think) and getting annoying.

But i love the art and Night-Mare's part.


nice flash

My kind of flash was the most good


It was at the third one untill I reliezed that it had the same audio, then I got the title. TommyVF's matched the audio better out of them all.