Reviews for "Did You Hear That?"

Take away the "lala!" sound!

It burns my ears!

Good job though.

Noodle responds:

Put some balm on that, and it should clear right up without and scarring


I thought the boogley's was the funniest

Noodle responds:

You can look after my kids any time Mr. Geico gecko

very well done

brilliant idea and a well executed one at that! do more :D

Noodle responds:

Thank you very much :)
Hopefully later this year I'll have time for a #2

Not so good

same sound effects doesn't quite make it interesting, but good use of it makeing it bland in without makeing the seperate flashes look anything alike except for the ducks at the end

Noodle responds:

I didn't make them all. They all look different because they were by different people

most of them sucked

they weren't imaginative almost all of them used a rubber ducky mykindofflash is the only one who tried and he actually didn't just have a person go alalalal or just have a rubber ducky he actually tried

Noodle responds:

His came out the most realistic for sure.
Everyone tried. The fact that everyone used the duck is just coincidence. I hate how everyone fixates on that. It just shows how 10 people working completely unaware of each other can acheive similar outcomes