Reviews for "Did You Hear That?"

Amazing Idea, Really Cool

That was great. The idea of using the same set of sounds is really creative. All of the animations were great. A little bit of everything, from really abstract to realistic. Really cool collab. The only 'negative' thing I have to say is that there were a few spelling errors. Great job, can't wait to see your next peice of work.


Noodle responds:

Spelling errors? Like in the menus and such? Usually I'm pretty diligent at making sure I avoid things like that. I'll have to sweep through and see what I can find!


VERY cool, guys. Definitely make more of these, :D

Noodle responds:

Another is in the works!
No time frame now of when it may be out. Probably 4 months away atleast


nice sounds!

Noodle responds:

They make my ears feel beautiful

i know everybodys slamming this for the lala sound

i think it would have been better without it...
even if it was deeper....
its just the pitch.
its like a telephone ringing constantly or a baby crying

p.s. this was almost some king of unique pschologial test on all of them...

Noodle responds:

A test to see what twisted and scary things people might associate with a sound

Not bad^^

Not bad idea to make different story s with the same sound.
Really interesting.

Noodle responds:

Like an imagination explosion!