Reviews for "Did You Hear That?"


VERY cool, guys. Definitely make more of these, :D

Noodle responds:

Another is in the works!
No time frame now of when it may be out. Probably 4 months away atleast


nice sounds!

Noodle responds:

They make my ears feel beautiful

i know everybodys slamming this for the lala sound

i think it would have been better without it...
even if it was deeper....
its just the pitch.
its like a telephone ringing constantly or a baby crying

p.s. this was almost some king of unique pschologial test on all of them...

Noodle responds:

A test to see what twisted and scary things people might associate with a sound

Not bad^^

Not bad idea to make different story s with the same sound.
Really interesting.

Noodle responds:

Like an imagination explosion!

Nice Job!!

Same sounds different animations very creative. BTW what's wrong about the lala song?

Noodle responds:

I'm not sure what everyone has against that sound. It was one of 2 sounds actually originally made my a person, so I thought it was cool to have it included.