Reviews for "- Pick and Choose"

Catchy as hell! Nice mixing as well.

Or4nges responds:


Aaroca sends out Review!
Review used analyse!
Songs weaknesses were revealed...

Nuffa dat. Anywho, so far I like this, and I'd like to see the finished product soon.
Have a four.

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Or4nges responds:

It shall be done.

aaah finally a serious track by or4nges, i almost thought you lost your awesome spirit you showed us in the track "only sometimes" :D

ok here my preview:

awesome drums! (seriously creative!!!, it sounds fucking crispy :D)
great ending

0:48 - 1:10 dunno, the sound just doesn't fit in my ears... it sounds like it wants to be epic,... in a dubstep track (wich just can't fit in my taste). maybe a different sound might help, 'cause the rythm sounds fine...

quality: 2/2,5
taste: 2/2,5
stars: 4/5 finish this track :)

Or4nges responds:

I kind agree with you. :48's been bugging me, but I wasn't sure if it was just because i'd been working on it so much. Honestly i'll probably rework that entire section.

That's the reason I post here, to get second opinions :D.

The main run sounds very much like the main run for "For Science!". Can't wait to see what this is like when it's finished, man. Sounds great so far!

Keep up the fucking awesome tunes!