Reviews for "- Pick and Choose"

Awesome is the wOrd :D

I love all these songs, I can always think of an epic scenario in my head. FIVE STARS EARNED

Nice song! Though i wonder, did some part of the melody come from waste of space or is it just me? It just seems so vaguely familiar.

Or4nges responds:

Caught me red handed. Sometimes i'll play around with a certain melody to see how it'll work in different songs. It's not identical, but it is kind of similar.

Superdupersexy drums bro! :D
I love how much you're improving, especially your drums. And your synths. And everything. Just that.
And your pianos! Love em! And the difference in dynamics between the chorus and breakdown are just amazing. FINISHZ DIS NAOW! :D

Or4nges responds:


I am improving then? PHEW thank god. I always try new things when mixing, and I wasn't 100% sure if I was going in the right direction lately.

Will finish.

Hey man, it's Alxt.
great job, this is one of my favourites. seriously.
i could just listen to this and relax all day. greaaat job.