Reviews for "- Pick and Choose"

Really love the melody. It's repetitious and well set out. The orchestral side of the track sounds very interesting. Did you use samples, or a certain VST?

Awesome job! Can't wait to hear the final product!

Or4nges responds:

I've been using Edirol for strings, the only VST I can find that doesn't have scratchy sampling.

Thanks man!

Nice knowledge of music theory AND production dude. Love dem fourth movements in the beginning and that major 5 chord at the end of the progression. Perty piano melody, well mixed, AND it loops perfectly. No complaints man, nice work!

you are the best thank for make this fantastic music

I can't get enough of the fluid, pitch-bending synths on the second part of the chorus. The sound is amazing and it's a great contrast from the solid, non-bending notes. Even if I'm just passively listening to this song, I still feel the beats and the chorus. The melody sounds pretty classical too, but that may just be me. Awesome job, as usual.