Reviews for "- Pick and Choose"

Omg u is perfect *.*
another song i loveee


Sorry for my bad English, but I could not express my gratitude for this track! I am filled with nostalgia ... many thanks! I love it!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6ONXl YwNJk

Proper Sauce led me to this artist. Love your music.

I don't really have a reason. A lot of the bass of most of the songs are really good.

I can't get enough of the fluid, pitch-bending synths on the second part of the chorus. The sound is amazing and it's a great contrast from the solid, non-bending notes. Even if I'm just passively listening to this song, I still feel the beats and the chorus. The melody sounds pretty classical too, but that may just be me. Awesome job, as usual.

you are the best thank for make this fantastic music