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Reviews for "Plumet"


I disagree with, crapatflash ( under me ). This game is totally AWESOME. Maybe he's right that there are many games like this and there will be alot more to come, but this game is the BEST! Great concept, art & scripting. Really loved the customization section :D


Great game!

Simple but awesome game, it's worth playing.
(ps: some fags hacked the high scores)

The Parrot was a nice touch.

It was a very fun game. I love the costume changes, which included both a pirate and a ninja. :D With the pirate, a parrot follows you around (and gets squished before you do).

There are some other good ones as well, plus some basic costume changes. What would make this even better is if the background changed to match the theme of the costume (ie islands for a pirate, snow for santa etc).

Overall, excellent! 5/5, 10/10


One word, EPIC!

I love how this game's simplicity adds to the randomness, and to me, the more random, the better. 10/10, 5/5, 100/1 >_>

great game

amazing 10/10

btw to all the n00bs on newgrounds that vote low on this youve never made a game so be nice