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Reviews for "Plumet"

Well well, isn't it good?

I've read people sayin' this game gets boring after 30 secs or somethin, it's a pity cause fun begins a little bit later, every second you are falling and see the level scroll up as you try to keep falling you get on more and more with the music and the game. That's my opinion.

Anyway, what I meant to say is that I LIKE THIS GAME. Thnx and go on with yours.


It did get repetative after 10 minutes but i liked how you can change your guy up instead of being stuck with one guy, deserves a 9 in my book. Awesome job!


the fact that you made a regular game awesome gives it an 8.

Not to bad.

I liked it, and the change in outfits was a good idea though it did get very slow and repetative later. I liked the music, maybe even to much then it deserved to be liked. It made me think that the character in the game had some purpose, and if it was divine or not was up to the fact i finished the game or not. I of course was wrong and played this game longer then i should have. Good, decent game thoguh.

i like the part where he fell

no, really it was a great game. Very simple yet so fun. customazation was a great option and it had great music too. Great job dude! :)