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Reviews for "Plumet"

is too easy

toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo easy comparing with the sequel

awsome but not as gud as part 2

it a gud game if u just wanna sit around run jump roll and sream at the computer

A bit unsure.

To me, this was a very random game that you probably made when you were bored. The game is very simple - frankly, it's TOO simple. The music is not so game-y or in relation to the game (for example, flixel games might have more "pixel-y" music, y'know?), and it seems like it was put there just because you had to have it to have something to add to the game other than just some figure you had to lead downwards until you lost. But it's not all bad - the art/drawing/whateveryou'resupposedtoc allit looks good, and I like how you incorporated the unlockable costumes, which added to the player's purpose of playing again.
3/10 for the actual game, but 10/10 for you because you've made a much better sequel and improved everything you needed to work on for this one.


I have played number 2 which ps much better and when i compared them
it was a dissapointment

An amazing game

This is a great game and the music is fantastic.