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Reviews for "Plumet"


this is a new type of game

I liked it very much because its different

The new characters being unlocked gave it that replay value too (kinda)
you know what I mean

yeah, defo faving this

Neat little game

I'd like to see more "plummeting" though. Most of the game is landing, then falling, then landing again. I liked it when I was falling for several seconds at a time. Maybe if you start by falling, and then work up to more and more platforms. Great game though. Nice work!

Simple, yet effective.

A solid game to play when your bored. Had fun with it.


1 Aragoth_Studios 28,606

YAY, I'm number one! Great game, though simple I find it slightly addictive. Good artwork and great choice of music. Game ran smoothly without bugs. Keep up the great (hopefully front page) work.

Hehe, number 1


Loved the custom clothes.