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Reviews for "Plumet"



What would be awesome

and someone should do it, but make a game like this, but at upgrades to it, so you can go down farther and faster and stuff. awesome game though 33k, cause hackers destroyed the board woohoo


One of the best game i've played, thought I would like to be able to unlock achevments and new charakters.

shweet game man you th3 pwner!

i like the game,music,characters and more!HINT:the more you play faster it gets and go faster as it goes faster!!!

Run lil zombieman run!

Haha, I love this game (finally one that i like that doesn't involve explosions or guts...well there is some gore if you lose...), The concept is simple but the fact that the better you do the faster the gameplay makes you sit on the edge of your seat while playing it, and the music is amazing...(btw you know if you follow the rythm from like levels 5-8 you do really well) 5/5 and 10/10