Reviews for "Sludge Buster"


Well, it had a steady base but bugs like the main menu without start option or hitting the enemies and they don't react.Also, sometimes you are not doing damage to enemies and the hero has no walk-animation. Needs much job and fixing.

Not great

This still needs some work, the main character had no walking animation, the story was pretty vague and sometimes I hit the enemies and they wouldn't react.
The concept of the game was okay though.

needs to be fixed

there are a lot of little bugs...
is it intentional that you can only shoot the bad guys when their back is to you?
sometimes the guy will shoot the opposite way he is facing

things like that

Not bad.

Not bad for your first attempt. You got a few things to work on, like maybe a way to jump down from platforms. However, i do like the way health decreases only when you pass over a enemy. Concept kinda reminded me of my childhood. A mildly fun, classic platform game. Keep improving mate. Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff in the future.


its quite annoying that if you shoot them twice they live again... otherways is was okey