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Reviews for "Link is FAST"

Not amazing, but...

The sprite is a bit small, it could be bigger than my fingertip. It would also be cool if Link gained momentum as you ran and he continued to move after you got off of the right key. And maybe some immobile enemies blocking your way to dispose of. But, what you have is good, better than I have done.

what was the point?

I'm just going right. even nascar makes going right more interesting. I don't see a reason to jump.


This game is boring and nothing, though the faster moving background is well done. Could you please make a real game next time?

this isnt game

this isnt a game... its holding ur finger down on a button and wathching numbers go up and colours change, wtf

Whats the point?

Whats the story? Whats the objective? Whats the goal? Whats the aim?

This isn't really a game, just hold right to start going throught the colour spectrum... and space makes you jump... you don't need to do any of these things though.

There is no real purpose to this game, yet you gain some stars for the number in the background raising and lowering correctly, and the colour slowly fadeing correctly. Actually making a controllable character also gets you some stars