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Reviews for "Hammer Bro Mario"

Reminds me the time I used the Hammer suit for the first time.
At first I never knew wtf I was doing, then after realizing what I was doing, I started spamming and throwing hammers more and faster than a hardware store could shell.
Even ended up with one hammer, after defeating one castle, resuming animation to land (freeze animation) in Toad's face.

I have YET to find out how the hell to do that again. Because I immediately tried several more times but they all ended up in the walls or they didn't freeze in time.

lol seems mario has more bad luck than luigi lol

I love how the giant hammer bros. guy went chasing after Mario and how Toad kept gtting killed (poor guy) This made me chuckle.

Funny as hell i love toad kept getting killed

I like the way you keep getting toad killed :D