Reviews for "Ultra Sheriff - Nemesis"

This is very good! I wish it could be longer... But its cool,and has a good story! 5/5

Well balanced stuff above.Surprisingly entertaining to watch that dark animation with some little portion of galactic fighting.I slightly like it more than i even should..that seems much bigger enjoyable than i expected it to be...

Great job :D


to bad the soundtrack is so trash/shit


Great animation, great sound, great everything, Sir you have just won my personal Emmy Award for best video/ short film ever!


-This was amazing, it's awesome to see such a great quality of traditional animation on newgrounds. The limited colour schemes and controlled use of effects made the fluid motion so fun to watch.

-I can't get over how well planned out your shots were. Some shots, while seeming like there wasn't actually much happening in the shot (purely from an animators perspective), felt very emmersive.

-I think that more explanation of a story, and less of the music video look and feel would really help to make it more epic, as story elements could gradually build to a climax.