Reviews for "Ultra Sheriff - Nemesis"

The excellence of execution.

This was an amazing movie. The music and animation were both superb. However, I am rating this as highly as possible due to the incredible synch between the action and the flow of the music. I cannot wait to see more from you and congratulations on your work.


that was great the animation was sweet but if i may just run a quick idea past you if you cud make this movie into a game that would be wicked :)

The animation was great and so was the music but for a movie like this i think it would need to be a bit darker and a bit heavier other then that keep it up :D

UltraSheriff responds:

hey and thanks!
glad u like my animation, fbf animating takes time, so its nice to see it was worth it!
as for the music, this is for my band ultra sheriff, and the song came before the video. but one could argue that i did make the film quite dark, so u might be right!

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