Reviews for "Ultra Sheriff - Nemesis"


A smooth, professional animtion that could have been used for T.V. The plot was a basic but classic space invader and it was fun to watch. I think they spheres would have looked better if the outline wasn't white but a darker black than the speres themselves with a slight shine, especially when the spaceships are raised to the light. Everything was great though, including the music.


I just can't find any other word for it!


Had a dark gothic look to it. It also reminded me of Invader Zim wich kicked ass. So this flash is awesome!

A Flash to be noticed.

Wow very nice animation and art style. Love how everything blended together, the music, the sounds, everything. Keep doing what your doing because whatever it is, its working. ^_-

Holy friggin badass batman

That was friggin awesome keep it up