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Reviews for "Peasoup (Demo)"


lol such a timekiller thanks... nice easter egg btw PS3 FTW

Fun, entertaining, repetitive

Fun game but some things were a bit repeitive. It's only the demo but i still gave it a 5... it was good and the graphics and controls were perfect. Keep working on the game and i hope to see the finished product, just spice it up.


I think the game is addictive and pretty good for a demo, but you slide a bit much and there is no music... Which kinda sucks. But still fun

Easter Egg!

it's raining Easter eggs in the fourth kingdom. Hop backwards with the Pea onto the transparent platform. You become a floating Pea Master. If you keep hovering or hop like myself on the air to the West, and quickly hop to the next platform you will find some Pea graffiti inside the ground. Cool Peas! Good Game Fun Factor! Look forward to the release! This Pea sure knows how to make a good soup!

JesusRanch35 responds:

LOL! 'bout time someone found that! good job!


It's not bad, you do slide a bit much and the controls are a bit iffy, but still good for a demo.