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Reviews for "Peasoup (Demo)"

ok but som problems

#1 - slideing - he shouldnt slide when he stops!
#2 - slideing again - on the moving platforms he doesnt move with it, just slides rite off
#3 - jumping - he should jump higher.. needs a little more room for error
#4 - sound!!! - need sound fx n music
#5 - geomitry - dont make bolth sides of the ground look like the close side of a cube - has a very unpolished look

but its on its way, with a little more time n effort u could even make the frontpage on a slow day with this 1

Fun, entertaining, repetitive

Fun game but some things were a bit repeitive. It's only the demo but i still gave it a 5... it was good and the graphics and controls were perfect. Keep working on the game and i hope to see the finished product, just spice it up.


Its not that is bad, its just handles bad. The guy handles slippery and the double jump doesnt help. gotta get some legs on it too


Will be much better once you add physics, collision detection, and graphics! Okay demo though.