Reviews for "Pacman Alcoholic"


good job i thought it was a laugh

you need to make alcoholic dig dug mario and just make a bunch of old alcoholic games : )

iammeweareus responds:

Thanks, was thinking of making High games too :p

Stop complaining!

This is a great game! Sure, it's hard, but there are other hard games out there! Stop ripping a person, and play the game, don't base the game on difficulty! Dude, all-in-all, great game, awesome graphics, loved this, make a bunch of others!

iammeweareus responds:

Thanks ^^

Holy shoot!

PacMan, lay down on the beer! You really did a good job on editing Paul Neave's engine


I don't know what is so different from the old pacman. All you add is that he drunk if he pick up the ghosteating powerup. He still eats cherries, the ghosts are still ghosts and he still collects white points. This game isn't more interesting than before.

Um ya,

Not bad, but you should make pacman go all wobbly when eating the big pack dot or make the screen go blurry when you eat a big pack dot