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Reviews for "Old Mill Pond"

really funny

this should have more views


donuts123456789 thats called dick whipping, its normally done to women during sexual acts.


Why does he hit people with his dick like a wet towel

Hahahahaha nice

Great job on the animation but this really makes me want to eat a english muffin pizza lol

Perfect in every way.

You definately chose the right stand up monologue to animate, I laughed so hard at this. The animation was flawless, I loved all the water rippling effects. You also captured each of the character's personalities excactly the way that the comedian described them, it seemed like I was imagining a very vivid picture in my mind, and then it appeared on the screen. Excellent job on this piece.

I was very impressed by your skill at lip sync as well, the mouths matched perfectly with the voices. I'm going to have to look more jokes from this Mike Birbiglia guy, he is downright hilarious. Once again, I congratulate you on showing great amounts of flash skill. Congratulations on your daily award and keep up the great work!