Reviews for "-Orr- The English Kingdom"

You get all of my five, and all of my respect. I could see a professional orchestra playing this, if this isn't already. It sounds more like a high quality VST than a real orchestra though. It's hard to tell these days :s

DavidOrr responds:

All VSTs here my friend, but I agree -- they're getting close! It'll be a while yet before VSTs fool the true audiophiles out there, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Though many of composers rely heavily on VSTs, there are huge advantages to working with real orchestras. I hope VSTs never fully replace them, because all of the great orchestras in the world will be even more crunched for funding than they already are. Though I really enjoy working with technology as I write, it will never replace the adrenaline-rush of hearing a live orchestra performing my music!

Thanks for the review and your support!

As usual your track is full of fire and energy. This definitely sounds like a bright adventure soundtrack. Glad to see you're still putting out high quality stuff on Newgrounds! :D

DavidOrr responds:

Thanks Andy!

Awsome work!
Very powerful and versatile harmonics. I like how you insert the piano @ 0:32 - well done. The brass-section is really powerful! Also the use of the glockenspiel / bells is very felicitous. @ 2:23 the piece reminds me of "Mars" from "Planets Suite" of Gustav Holst.

All in all very impressive. Keep going on :D


DavidOrr responds:

Thanks Chris, glad you enjoyed it :)

Marvellous energy in this track. It didn't really give me King Arthur vibes, but great nonetheless!

The piano somehow felt a bit oddly placed in the mix at times, and I found myself really wanting more of an accent on the first of the fortissimo chords rather than the same dynamic throughout them.. but in general the production is just wonderful. Makes me want to have Hollywood Strings and Brass, now I just got EWQLSO without close mic positions. FML.

DavidOrr responds:

I used (and still use) EWQLSO for several years, and it's still a solid product even 9(?) years after release. Hollywood Strings and Brass are wonderful tools, and definitely have a more authentic, organic sound to them. They're very versatile, and the level of articulations included is quite deep. The only downside is that they're extremely taxing on the computer though (HS more so than HB)!

Great idea about the accented notes -- I'm putting those into a revision as I write this :). The main reason the piano is in the piece is because I originally scored it out for small ensemble (Piano quintet plus flute, horn, and one percussionist). I had the opportunity to rehearse, conduct, and perform the piece. During the process, the piano felt like such an integral of the arrangement that it felt wrong for me to take it out as I orchestrated it.

Thanks for your review!

Beautiful and glorious!