Reviews for "-Orr- The English Kingdom"

Congratulations on your front page feature! This is a very strong track. One of the key phrases in your description in my estimation is "tightly woven"--the elements of this music really are very tightly woven together, organized and performed. I would be hard-pressed to provide criticism of any element singularly. This tightness, combined with what feels to me the perfect length for this material, makes this movement one of your best short works. Keep it up!

DavidOrr responds:

Hey Ben, I'm glad you enjoyed the track -- and appreciate your kind words! Thanks for dropping by!

It sounds like something from Wizard 101. ._. Good song, I guess.

This reminds of me of Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace lol, It sounds nice

I hope you don't feel like this is a negative, but it felt a bit too whimsical to sound like something about King Arthur. BUT!!!! And this is a huge BUTT!! (like, yo'mama joke big) this reminded me of the music from Pikmin to a tee. From the small inserts of the piano, to the way the large brass sounds flows into the upbeat and peppy woodwind section. This, my friend, felt like an authentic track to one of the Pikmin games during a cut scene or trailer. I just kept seeing Olimar leading his little pikmin against gargantuan foes and fighting his way through them to find some essential piece of space junk.

I hope you don't feel insulted. I'm sorry I wasn't given the impression you were looking for but the one I received instead deserves much applause. Very good work.

DavidOrr responds:

You know, I've always heard great things about the Pikmin games and the soundtracks, but never gave them a listen. You have inspired me to check them out! Regarding the King Arthur bit, I hear what you mean -- this doesn't have a medieval sound that you'd associate with King Arthur. At this point, I'm ok with that (as the whole suite isn't finished yet). I may go back and tweak the music a bit or -- more drastically -- change the story this music is based upon. We'll see!

Thanks for your review :)

Marvellous energy in this track. It didn't really give me King Arthur vibes, but great nonetheless!

The piano somehow felt a bit oddly placed in the mix at times, and I found myself really wanting more of an accent on the first of the fortissimo chords rather than the same dynamic throughout them.. but in general the production is just wonderful. Makes me want to have Hollywood Strings and Brass, now I just got EWQLSO without close mic positions. FML.

DavidOrr responds:

I used (and still use) EWQLSO for several years, and it's still a solid product even 9(?) years after release. Hollywood Strings and Brass are wonderful tools, and definitely have a more authentic, organic sound to them. They're very versatile, and the level of articulations included is quite deep. The only downside is that they're extremely taxing on the computer though (HS more so than HB)!

Great idea about the accented notes -- I'm putting those into a revision as I write this :). The main reason the piano is in the piece is because I originally scored it out for small ensemble (Piano quintet plus flute, horn, and one percussionist). I had the opportunity to rehearse, conduct, and perform the piece. During the process, the piano felt like such an integral of the arrangement that it felt wrong for me to take it out as I orchestrated it.

Thanks for your review!