Reviews for "Awesome Cracks Down"


this was the worst of the series, the jokes weren't that great and although animation wise you've improved greatly (although I never really had an issue in the first place) you're writing seems to have gone down.

I don't think this series can have much life left in it the way it's going, you can easily keep getting 5's and 10's from the mindless voters and that's fine. But you're really not putting in any effort to the actual jokes. that's why you get a 3.

Are you TRYING to prove the haters right?

Sorry man, but you've become a sad parody of your former self.
You LITERALLY had the character state in bordeline monotone "hey this doesn't make sense! Boy video games are different from reality" in a blunt and horrendously poor manner.

I'll give you a 2 and a 2 due to the animation itself

Unfunny and kind've ugly

The art style could've been looked past if the jokes were witty and not just lame. I'm actually surprised with a black protagonist and a title with "Crack" in it there would be more racial humor. Guess not, just random unfunny drivel too afraid to offend anyone and to bland and cliche to provide any real laughs.

I probably would've rated it higher, except that 2 trophies gives inflated expectations.


When does it start? one white dude and one black dude just STAND there!