Reviews for "Advent of Sock"


sock is adorable and evil, the perfect combination!
everything u put ur hands on becomes awesome!


It's hard to take Sock seriously. He's by and far the cutest Harbinger of a Hellish Apocolypse I've ever seen.


10 points for the cerberus creature alone. I wish I had one.
Everything else was the cake to that icing, the fridge scene being the sprinkles.

I <3 Sock

Sock, by far, has to be the cutest satanist I've ever seen. This set of movies are animated very well and keep me interested throughout the whole thing. I didn't even notice the lack of dialogue due to the fact that it doesn't need it. 10/10, 100%

Awesome stuff

That orange looked sort of like a tiger head. That thing was pretty cute in addition to being pretty psychotic as well. Anyway, the animation (it looked like stop-motion on textbook paper or some construction paper) was flawless as usual. It was cool to see the red lights turn into some neo-pagan symbol as made by the tiger head. The color was done very nicely as well as it gave everything a good amount of depth. I don't understand anything in this as usual, but that's just fine.