Reviews for "Advent of Sock"


Umm... truly the most horendous vile peace of dispicable awsome ive ever freaking seen. great job.
truly truly
it makes me sick how good it was
cuz... its bad ass

You are very talented my friend.

So far this is my pick for number 1 of the monthly votes. I really love the style and the work behind it. It's also got a great song. You truly outdid everything I've seen this month.

THis is the kind of work that a pro makes ;)


Note to self...

cute things that always smile = pure, unadulterated evil from hell! (see hello kitty)

wow. i love your hand-drawn look. it is fantastic (and obviously time consuming, so thanks for all your hard work!)

unfortunately, i think i'll never own a hamster. ever.

LOL, great flash

I know everyone else said it

But that was pure brilliance, I loved, it was just AWESOME, love the animation as well


I am in awe of your stuff, as usual.
The whole idea was phenominal without everything else, but you went even further. You have one of the most unique art styles I have ever seen, and plus, the music goes along perfectly... The ideas you have are amazing, and I would love to see more. Keep up the amazing work.