Reviews for "Advent of Sock"


why does the evil stuff look cute?

XD Sock!

This is great. There was a lot going on, a little too much at some points, but I guess that's kind of supposed to be the case. Either way, I very much enjoyed it and I can't wait to see the conclusion.

so awesome!

:D Your animations are all so cute and creative. I love your designs and ideas so much! xD i also love the way Sock is smiling the whole time. He makes the apocalypse look so fun


Sock is soooo adorable even though he tries to kill everyone... umm... yes. The poor guy looks like "OH NOES, MY CEREAL!!!" lol. As always, your animation is very good and has very nice flow. Keep up the good work!


the cereal is gone!!!! can't wait for the third one would like to see pope zord again