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Reviews for "Fi's Requiem"

Always liked this theme in Skyward Sword, probably one of my favorites from the game. Nice job on this. You're definitely my favorite source for Zelda remixes at this point. Gotta love that voice of yours, too. My only thought is that, for a requiem, it's not really that sad sounding. The beginning starts off great, but by the end it starts to sound more like the tone of the original, which, while not happy or anything, isn't quite what I'd say a requiem would sound like. Perhaps it's just my perspective, but I suppose that's what reviews are for.

VGSongbird responds:

Well, I can see your point. I did want to keep the theme "Follow Fi" in there as much as possible, but I probably could've given it more of a solemn tone.

Thanks for always listening and reviewing. It's fantastic ^_^

Hi I love your music and your voice. Why do you spend your time here when you can be a big shot and go and get a recording contract? Or do you like the satisfaction of creating and doing everything by yourself. I would also like to see more of you showing us step by step on how you create brilliant masterpieces. I would like to thank you for also filling in the gap in my sleeping pattern. I have a whole playlist devoted to your music. (Sorry dont mean to sound like a stalker;) Every night I lie in bed with silence. So i decided to look up lullabys, if thats how you spell it. The first thing that came up was Zeldas Lullaby. As soon as I heard the first strum of the harp i fell in love. I found one interesting theme among your music. If you duplicate the tab at the right time it makes your music sound more beautiful. For example, I found Fi's Requiem had a 5 second and 45 second, starting points which made the music clash and then refrain. I dont know if that was an accident or intentional, but either way will still love the music that you put out.
Sorry about the ammount of writing, but i rant a lot as you can see.

VGSongbird responds:

Well, I'm glad to hear it's going to good use. My lack of sleep helping other's sleep is wonderful to hear :D

Well, the song is very good for it's genre. Now it's not really my type of thing, but it still deserves the high rating because I liked it a lot, as if it's my favorite kind of music.
Also, is that your voice, because if so, it's just completely BEAUTIFUL! Keep up the good work! :)

VGSongbird responds:

It is ^_^ I'm glad--even though this isn't your "type" of music--that you liked it.

I like this song. i was hoping you might like one of these. ;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hH_OQ0 Vxjao

VGSongbird responds:

Well, that link doesn't exist :( But I appreciate you reviewing!

I really enjoy your voice but yes, as you stated the gains made my headphones pop a few times, I suggest experimenting with your panning as that should help alleviate your gain problem and still have it where the individual voices can be heard. They sound more "stacked" rather spread out like a choir

VGSongbird responds:

Lol I actually hadn't thought of that. Good suggestion!
I have a better microphone now, too, so that should help as well.
Thanks for the feedback!