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Reviews for "Space Commander"


but the controls!

Nice, even if a bit frustrating

I don't mind the controls, reminds me of the old Sopwith Camel game.

I like the air brake, the charged uber-laser, the boost, the upgrade system seems to work alright.

What I don't like, is that neither my ship nor my lasers seem to be able to shoot off screen while the enemies (and friendlies) can fly off screen.

So I try to do some evasive maneuvers at the top of the screen but instead of doing a full loop and just bounce around. This is booty.

When I try to shoot the baddies that fly just off screen and my lasers do no damage, this is booty.

When friendly ships fly just off screen (and stay there) fighting enemy ships and I can do nothing to help, this is booty.

Other than those gripes listed above, this seems to me, a solid game in need of a few minor adjustments.

Why did you pull so much music out of old games? I've only played the first level but you've already taken music out of Sonic 3 and Knuckles and Meteroid!

Incomplete instructions

The in-game instructions are incomplete, "press A to shoot" is missing.

wtf is

wit da controls man come on change time