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Reviews for "Space Commander"

controls are wack

The controls are really messed up, you should be able to control your ship with all the arrow keys. I do like the game but I agree with what everybody else has said about this game.

Houston, we have a problem.

I can't get past the very first enemy on easy mode because the lasers won't charge up. I tried several times, but it just doesn't work. It's a shame, because it looks like this would have been a fun game.

frozz responds:

the laser will charge if you can shoot the enemies, you can use 'a' to shoot the enemies

A well-made shooter game!

Can't say anything else than it is an average game! The controls are okay but it needs time to get use to it. The charge attack and the laser is really a great idea. Couldn't stop using it againts everyone! They are really well-made! Although the game is still hard, in easy dificulty too. As I was playing the only strategy I could use with simple firing is to fly across the screen(and keep shooting) and do some loops if someone was attacking me. Nearly half an hour of trial and only the first stage? I must not be good at playing games.:( Anyway, with upgrading and the unusual amount of stages this can be a great game if you decide to make a series! So, keep up!

Incomplete instructions

The in-game instructions are incomplete, "press A to shoot" is missing.