Reviews for "Ballies"

Great game

Simple concept, engaging yet relaxing style, satisfying graphics, and most important...it's fun!

Great job on this one.

awesome job

simple, fun, and well designed
all around a very satisfying game

really good

i really liked it dont know why maybe im just in a good mood maybe not but ive got too say i got addicted to this i actually played it for 2 hours striaght i have never done that before !!!

good and simple


Very entertaining

Its like playing tag. What ever color is displayed is "IT". Avoid contact drop bombs use power ups. Fun Game time consuming and A good way to relax your mind! Just a hint if no one has caught on yet, whatever color the screen is that is what you can safely attack. Dont pay attention to the tags that say bump me. Just watch the screen color. Another hint is to get them to bunch up on you and sit in one spot and set the bomb. Just be ready to move once it blows !

This has become my favorite game on Newgrounds, Thanks for creating it!