Reviews for "Candy Land"

OH.....SUGAR! :p

I guess I better eat the candy before it declares war on me, LOL

Nice flash.


Great film, but why is a candy from the 1920's using an AK-47?

Jon-L responds:

time travel? advanced candy science? maby we stolid the ak from them?.....its a cartoon, and last time i checked cartoons didn't have to make logical sense....

Rating: F***ING AWESOME!

Film Type: Short
Design: Great
Dialogue: Awesome
Animation: Great
Audio: Perfect
Music: Awesome
Backround: Well Made
Film Length: Short
Comments: An awesome short just in time for Memorial Day!
For the Maker: I liked this because it was asAwesome as it was Funy!


the AK-47 was invented in 1947, right after WWII. the candymen couldn't have gotten them. still good.

not what i thought it would be

i thought that at first it was a parody of the candy land game, but it was better than i thought