Reviews for "Core Defense"

This Game, Masterpiece

I love this submission i think games like these are what the portal is all about, but i still wanna give you some ideas
1:I think its too hard on the ship make the ship have more health
2: Make a different mode with saves, name it conquest
3: in conquest make exp levels
4: Make it so that u can buy Airstrikes and such
5: Make the ship that you're driving be able to buy little helpers that glide along and shoot with you.
I sure hope that you can use these in the future.

Not bad

Got pretty reptitive. No new enemies.
I thought values of enemies would increase to get upgrades a bit faster, but they do not took about 10+ levels to save up for $500

Great game!

I loved the game, but is the 'm' key supposed to rack up resources? I'm not complaining, but I though I stumbled onto gold with ridiculous amounts of materials ;)


This game is very well made. The animation is superb, with lots of great detail. The whole defense system was very fleshed out, and the entire game in whole was awesome.

The fact that you can use your defense vehicle as well as your base as offensive attackers makes the game pretty good. I gave you a 9 for no story.

- Isolated


Really good game