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Reviews for "WaveWarrior EXE2: Light"

Silver's one of my most favorite Sonic characters, his Solar dragon design fits him. This game was pretty fun to play, kept me engaged playing. It's been years since I played this, I came on Newgrounds after a while, made an account, and pretty much relived memories. I actually never beat the game when I was younger, but I finally finished it now that I'm older I guess. This was a pretty good game, a very memorable one at that. Keep it up.

Good work. Keep it up.

It's been 9 years and there's no Wave Warrior EXE 3! I think this series has been cancelled. But this is a good game, i will never forget about this series.

It is a very good game! I loved it because the action is very complex and when i found out that i had to fight the lunar dragon, that was awesome to me! I really appreciate your work Arthuria99. (8 months is a lot of hard work, tho...).

Question for whoever knows:
That sound effect at the Telekinesis Skill is it from DragonBall Z?
I really don't know...

the game had fun fights and a interesting story but the thing that keeps it from getting a 5/5 is that the sound design can be too loud.