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Reviews for "Crappy Days"

Friggen hilarious!

Well, allow me to say first that when the emo first popped up, I laughed my ass off. Well done. A story with a moral to it!

I've only got a few pieces of constructive criticism for you.

First, when the emo throws his hand up in the air, you might want to add a blurred frame or two. It doesn't look natural, like you just hit two extremes and missed the in betweens. While you get away with this in other places in the short, it just doesn't work that well there. It may be a lack of squash and stretch or something like that, but it's just a little off. Nothing big, but it's a little irritating.

Secondly, when he's bashing his head against the wall, I'd like to see a bit of a reaction from him. Here he's pounding his head against the wall, but we're not seeing any damage or reaction from him. I'd like to see his head swinging back and forth a bit, if nothing else. Have it rebound backwards a bit upon impact, or give us a frame of it smashing against the wall and being squashed upon it. Really, we need something to help us feel the impact a bit more.

One last thing. I'd never recommend doing the flashing, seizure-y thing that goes along with "moving all week with you". It's just kind of annoying to the viewer, and I know with me at least it's something I've come to associate with the large amounts of spam entering the portal. It does little to add to the cartoon, and it's just not that necessary.

But otherwise this is a fantastic piece. It's really funny and it got a good laugh out of me. Very creative, I can tell you that and it certainly brightened my day.

DAGamesOfficial responds:

LOL thanks, appreciated :) yeahI accept all constructve critisism, cus in all fairness it just generally gives me ideas for how I could improve in the next ones :) I take all your critisizm, and Ill mkae sure the next one is better xp

You took this from Family Guy

Yes,it is obvious,but you got this from Family Guy.I have to say it was funny,but it would be funnier original.The joke at the end made it better,so...I have nothing else to say.4/5 and 8/10.

DAGamesOfficial responds:

how is it obvious, I havent seen an emo joke like this at all :S and I've seen all of the episodes. its not from family guy. srry mate.


Very nice, I love ideas like this, it sounds like something that popped up when you and your friends were talking.


Nice animation for a good laugh. keep it up :)



Graphics- Were better than average. Nowhere near horrible.

Sound- Just what you would expect. Although the emo's voice was very annoying >.>

Concept- Original as I never really thought about what would happen. ^.^