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Reviews for "Crappy Days"

I dont see much hard work in this

Hmm, I dont know man. I dont think you put much effort into this. I kinda feel like this was only made to rip on emo kids. Its pretty short so theres not much to reflect on your skills. The artwork is pretty decent, better that alot of other works Ive seen, although it could use some improvment, but even the best need work.
Overall not bad, but Im sure you could do much better.

DAGamesOfficial responds:

trust me, I aint ripping on emo kids. I have emo friends, doesnt mean to say I hate them. it was a random concept, and you wanna kno the truth? this was thought up by a group of my emo friends, so you cant rip on me for that now can ya?

none the less, thanks for the review :)

It's so true

Or you could just put anyone infront of a tv watching the last few seasons of Happy Days and get the same effect. Let's all jump the Shark!
That was actually quite funny, it wasn't very elaborate but it bought a smile
The animation was good also, can't flaw it
All in all, nice job

DAGamesOfficial responds:

LOL yeah would be funny to see a real life reaction going :P anyway thanks man, glad ya liked it :P

AHAHAHhAh i lol'd

Haha, best ever! It was fun and it had good animations, and then that HILARIOUS ending!

DAGamesOfficial responds:

lol againi t had to be done :D glad ya liked it :P

Pretty funny,

And not bad animation, the voicing really fitted nicely, Good job!

DAGamesOfficial responds:

lol thanks, glad ya liked it :3

That was great

Haha, wow, i actually didn't even see any of that coming. Love the happy days theme song, especially with someone screaming to kill them in the background. I loved the voice acting in it too.

9/10 because i have a few emo friends, but im still gonna make fun of em.

DAGamesOfficial responds:

lol I have emo friends, doesnt mean to say I hate emos :) none the less, thanks for the review, appreciated :P