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Reviews for "Crappy Days"

Brillant work

I found this quite good. Funny and not too long.

Remember " whenever a baby smiles, an emo cuts him/herself!

i <3 it great work

Dude seriusly i <3 this flash is so dam funny


ps. TRY to remember emos happy days till they all die lol xD


Wow man, the great combination of the music and the situation well put together. It was funny the entire time and then it had a great finish with the commentator at the end. Nice job!


Pretty awesome! :)

Ok I want the author to respond

Now you see that your animation is good but I hope that you can prduce better animation next time becuase I want to see some better jokes and some better flow between the scenes. The jokes in your falsh animation are good but they don't really link together. If you can get that perfectly then you will be loved by everyone.

Good luck and I hope that you do well so that you can become like Egoraptor.

DAGamesOfficial responds:

dude you tell EVERYONE the animation needs work. I honestly don't need work xP i've only been animating for 3 years, I cant exactly be forced to be a proffessional just yet.