Reviews for "DMT:How to read music/tab"


The intro creeped me out. The idea isn't bad (i might give tabs a try.) Good concept and the overlapping music coincidentally sounded like Steve Reich.

Darkmaster603 responds:

The overlapping music is something I just don't know how to control. I'm glad the intro creeped you out, that was the intention lol. You really should start doing music, it's great fun!

Thanks for the review


really helpful. thank you for making it easier also

Darkmaster603 responds:

I'm glad it's helpful =)


This was a real coincidence because I'm trying to learn bass. Yesterday, I bought a DVD with bass lessons on it, but they didn't explain very well how the TAB thing worked, thanks to you, I'm keeping on the learning train!

Darkmaster603 responds:

Well thanks! I'm making a more davanced tab lesson in the next tutorials, so make sure to check back soon!

I am a guitarist!

Thank u so much! i never quite figured out how to read sheet music but know i do! You should make a more advanced one for learning stuff like palm mutes on guitar tabs, but it still was a great explanation. Oh, and if 2 numbers are lined up on a tab, that's a chord right? Thanks for your help!*

* I didn't know how to read bass clef either. But the grizzly bear thing has happened once before.**

** JK!

Darkmaster603 responds:

Glad it helped you. I actually am making a more advanced guitar tutorial. It's about 30%, so check back soon!.

When two or more numbers are lined up, it doesn't always mean a chord. It just means play those two notes at the same time

Very useful for beginners

Nice to see an useful flash here :> Very simple and everything is explained well.