Reviews for "DMT:How to read music/tab"

Good video, I encourage anyone who plays to learn how to read musical notation and not just tabulature. Tabs are good to start but reading actual music can really help you with rythem and timing, at least it did for me. Thanks!

i love it

i play music but i dont know any of the notes ill give a 10 /10 for it thank you very much.

Not bad...

Don't know much about bass clef and reading tablature

Very useful for beginners

Nice to see an useful flash here :> Very simple and everything is explained well.

I am a guitarist!

Thank u so much! i never quite figured out how to read sheet music but know i do! You should make a more advanced one for learning stuff like palm mutes on guitar tabs, but it still was a great explanation. Oh, and if 2 numbers are lined up on a tab, that's a chord right? Thanks for your help!*

* I didn't know how to read bass clef either. But the grizzly bear thing has happened once before.**

** JK!

Darkmaster603 responds:

Glad it helped you. I actually am making a more advanced guitar tutorial. It's about 30%, so check back soon!.

When two or more numbers are lined up, it doesn't always mean a chord. It just means play those two notes at the same time