Reviews for "DMT:How to read music/tab"

really great

After i finished the flash and clicked on the menu button the music began to overlap and play twice

Darkmaster603 responds:

Yea, I added a stop music button for that problem. I'm still a beginner with AS, but I do what I can lol.

thanks for the bug update


this is a great flash tutorial. I've seen a couple tutorials trying to do the same thing, but this is hands down the easiest to understand. Also, I never really understood tablature before, but now I finally get it. Thanks a lot, and I agree with some of the others, you should put up some tutorials on playing full songs. Great stuff.

Darkmaster603 responds:

I don't know the legality of doing that, but I think I will release tutorials on how to play some of my own songs. Glad it helped you understand tablature, and if you know any other guitarists needing to learn tablature make sure to show them this! =P

Thank you for the review!

great! just what I need!!

I'm pretty athletic, I can draw and paint, but i dont know shit about music!!
I hope this will get me started, thank you!

Darkmaster603 responds:

That's exactly what I wanted to do! get more people interested in music. I'm glad you found this and are going to take an intrest in music. I'll be releasing more tutorials soon, so make sure to check my stuff out for more tutorials!


when i first saw this i was like
"wtf... you made a flash on how to read music??? this is gona suck"

but i looked through and its actually really good! great for encouraging people to play.

i started baritone in 6th grade and switched halfway through the year to tuba. ive kept playin the tuba till this day (even though im still only in 8th grade).

once again great job with easy to learn facts or watever.

Darkmaster603 responds:

Thanks! I thought a lot of people would think that, so I tried hard to make it look visually appealing and teach information in an easy to understand method that isn't just a wall of text. And, I thought the best way to get some more exposure would be to release some tutorials to the flash community here at newgrounds, maybe convert them to the audio portal lol.

Glad you like it and thanks for the review!

good job!

i played trombone in elementary school but stopped as i went into grade 8. i hadn't touched music or my trombone since than, but after watching well playing this tutorial i was able to refresh my mind of sheet music and was able to play some old songs again :) thanks

Darkmaster603 responds:

Glad it helped! I really enjoy making and listening to music, I just wish I would have found out earlier how to do music. I wanted this to teach people the basic tools with this tutorial on how to read music, but I'm glad it could also refresh your memory on the subject. Thanks for the review, makes me happy to know it helped.