Reviews for "DMT:How to read music/tab"

pretty good

I liked the way you presented things, but as someone who has played guitar for a long time(I've also studied theory) I noticed a couple mistakes. First, there are other clefs than the two you mentioned(although those are used only for specific instruments, so that isn't really important) and second, e# is perfectly valid way to refer to f. Granted, it isn't used, but it's still technically valid.

Darkmaster603 responds:

Well, I also didn't introduce the grand staff either, but I just wanted to teach them the basics on how to read music. Like I said, you COULD say E#, but it's a weird way to say it. It'd be more natural and you would sound smarter if you just refer to it as F.

This was just covering the basics, I'm doing a more in depth tutorial for each one.

Thanks for the review and input though!


yay your making one about the guitar

Darkmaster603 responds:

lol, yes I will.


but can you do one about Scales on the guitar.... thats my biggest weakpoint when playing.

Darkmaster603 responds:

Sure thing. I'll be covering EVERYTHING, so just stay tuned and check up on my flash (maybe RSS feed it lol) I'll be able to pump one of these out every few days.

Helpful and well done!

I already know how to read Tab, but this'll help my brothers learn guitar as well. And perhaps this'll help me learn to read sheet music (although I'm still a tad clueless after reading your section on Sheet Music, but I'll get it sooner or later)

Darkmaster603 responds:

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. I tried to make it as understandable as I could but I guess I could have been more clear. The next tutorial will talk about Sheet music to tab, so you may understand it on the next one!

Glad you liked it though, and thanks for the review!

Suggestion for your next one...

I've played guitar for quite a while, I'm pretty good, but while I can work out a few songs by ear, usually I need to play things through tab. If you could show how a tabbed out song looks when written out in music, it'd really help.

Learning the basics of reading music from this was a big help though, cheers.

Darkmaster603 responds:

Yes, I am already working on Transcribing sheet music to tablature, so you will be able to use that!

Glad it helped you learn the basics, that makes it worthwhile!