Reviews for "DMT:How to read music/tab"


Good job, but you forgot to mention that there also a C Clef

Darkmaster603 responds:

Yea, I also didn't include the grand staff. I'm making one that will cover almost everything about sheet music.

Thanks for the reminder though!


this has been a very good tutorial, especially for the beginners. It is very easy to understand. Very Helpful

Darkmaster603 responds:

I'm glad it helps!

Not Bad

But you could of gone into more detail on the tab section by including other symbols like bends, slides, tremelo pick etc.

Darkmaster603 responds:

That's in the next tutorial!

I should have put it in this tutorial, but I guess I got lazy. I'm working hard to make sure the next one covers EVERYTHING.

thanks for the input!

Pretty good

When the menu first came up and gave the options I was a little disheartened and nervous, but actually I'm impressed. I'm learning to play the guitar and that helped me out quite a bit. I look forward to your future tutorials.

Darkmaster603 responds:

Thanks, I'm glad it helped!

Not Much

Your tutorial needs a lot of work. Visually you should work on some of the colors you picked, and the low res images. More options for selecting page and BG music. but the subject itself lacks too.

Looks like you took a lot of images and threw them together as well as an incomplete job.

You mention reading sheet music and tab, but the sheet music contains piano, cute, but you're teaching guitar too, no? Then maybe expand it so it has more than one instrumental approach. Depending on where you wish to take it.

The sheet music section is too short and weak. You could use some chapters in there on rhythmic notation and chords.

I would love to see a flash for this but you've lacked so many qualities, reading a post on a guitar forum for tablature would be easier as well as using musictheory.net for basic sheet music.

Your heart's in the right place, just keep working on those flash skills and don't cheap out on it. Put a little more elbow grease into it.

Darkmaster603 responds:

I agree. I am kinda embarrassed that I let this thing out too early. I thought these were the BASICS, but these were jsut the bare minimum basics. Like I said, the next oens are more in depth.

Thanks for the review and criticism!