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The way I learned it was Every Good Boy Does Fine.

Darkmaster603 responds:

heh. That seems to be the most comment phrase!

I used to think I was the only one =P


It was ok, I expected there to be the sound of each note or like some kind of keyboard.

Darkmaster603 responds:

Yea, I am doing that in the next one. I feel bad I didn't add more to this.
Thanks for the review and critcism.

Intriguing Methods

Absolutely marvelous for a beginner learning music in tab or staff form. As some people have mentioned, you don't have C Clef (AKA Tenor Clef). I understand that this is not a common clef and should probably not be introduced so as to keep questions to a minimum. There are at least 7 different clefs that I'm aware of and a PLETHORA of extra knowledge that you could have used. BUT!!! This would cease to make this program simple and begin the program at an advanced level; though there's a thought if you're interested XD Keep up the GREAT work. I hope you continue this idead to different levels of teaching!

Darkmaster603 responds:

Hmm...Maybe we should collab on one of these then? I don't plan on doing an advanced sheet music tutorial until a few more tutorials get out, but maybe you'd like to help me with the sheet music one!

Thanks for the review!

very nice job...

This is a very good way to help people sort of understand how to read music, but this isnt intended for people who don't really understand anything about it. I know i can use this to help my gf learn how, but maybe aking one that explains a little more in detail to better help those who need just a little more help... just a suggestion. Great work otherwise.

Darkmaster603 responds:

Hmm, I guess I assume people kidna have a basic understanding. I'll make an updated beginner friendly version later.

Thanks for the suggestion!

guess this

could be quite helpful i am one of the many people that plays instruments and cant read sheet music however i really dont feel the need to learn when there is an easier format(tabulature) however its nice that you put time and effort into something like this so im gonna give you full marks for the attempt

Darkmaster603 responds:


You should REALLY learn how to read sheet music though, it's amazingly helpful!